Wedding invite etiquette

Wedding invite etiquetteA wedding day is the biggest day of many peoples lives and ensuring that it goes to plan is highly important. Most brides will want to organise their own wedding and every little detail is highly important. Not only is the whole wedding day very important but it is also very expensive. Most people will never spend more money on one day than their wedding day. The whole wedding starts with the wedding initiations and many people will be really excited to receive these. Whilst sending an invite out may well be just a normal occurrence for many people the sending of wedding invites are very important but there is actually a strict etiquette that should be followed. The invites that are being sent out for a wedding should always include a number of different things. These include stating whether the invite extends to the ceremony, reception or evening party. If the children are invited along with the parents the names should also be mentioned on the invite. The RSVP address and the name that should be responded to should also be included on the invite. If there is a dress code in place for the wedding this should be included on the invite; if there is not a dress code in place this can be left off of the invite. A wedding invite should always include the details of the RSVP, it is important to remember this at it will be required for the number of people attending a wedding. Always include the details of how the RSVP should be included, this will usually be an address that can be written to. Along with an address it is also possible to include an email address and phone number. If people have not replied after seven days many people choose to follow up on whether they will be attending or not. Wedding invites should initially be sent to the people who are at the top of the list to be invited to the wedding. If enough people do not confirm that they can attend then new invites should be sent to people who are on the reserve list.