Wedding questions about bride and groom

Wedding questions about bride and groomWhen a bride and groom are organising a wedding day there are many different questions that they need to be asked. A wedding takes a great amount of organisation and there are many different people to be involved. In some cases a couple may hire a wedding planner to organise their big day. This will hopefully take the stress out of the big day and will allow everybody to enjoy the day. There are some questions that a bride and groom should be asked when they are organising their wedding day. The initial questions should be all about the location that the couple wish to have their big day. Once the location has been decided there is a requirement to ask questions around the type of venue that the couple wish to have. There is a great range of different wedding venues available to choose from and therefore it is important to ask many questions around this part of the day.It is also important to ask the bride and groom about the meal that they wish to have at their big day. Choosing the menu of a wedding day can be a very big decision and therefore it is important to ask a lot of questions around this. More often than not a bridal couple will have a meal during the day and then an evening buffet. Questions to the bride and groom should include the desired food type and also the number of people that will be having this. Some key questions should also be asked of the bride and groom about the type of photography that they want on the day. There are many different packages that wedding photographers offer and therefore it is down to the couple to select what they want. The wedding day clothes that the bride and groom wear are very important; many questions have to be asked of the couple about this. For example it needs to be established whether the couple plan to buy their clothes for the day or whether they want to hire them. There are also questions around what clothes are required for the wedding day for other people such as the bridesmaids and pageboys. Questions should also be asked about the budget that the couple have so that it can be established what can be afforded by the couple.