What are common car accident scams?

For many drivers one of the worst situations which they could find themselves in is having a car accident. A car accident can bring a large amount of distress and also potentially financial stress and also injuries. There are many car accidents within the UK every year and the majority of these are due to human error. In most cases all car accidents are solved by all parties involved without any problems, often with the help of insurance companies. Although there are many car accidents which happen due to human error, there are also a number which are totally fabricated in order for the people to benefit financially. As of late there have been a large amount of car accident scams occurring on the roads throughout the UK.
One common scam is being operated at present in the UK, this involves cars pulling in front of others cars and then reversing in to them so the other car owner is seen as responsible for the accident. In most cases the car reversed into only has one occupant, normally female and the car damaging the other in the scam is usually full of male occupants. The female is then pressurized into admitting liability and therefore a compensation claim can be processed. In most cases people also normally damage the car even further so extra compensation is paid out. There are normally excessive claims for personal injury as well as to cover the car.
Other car scams which are being carried out includes when people claim compensation which have occurred due to a car accident. Although the reality is that no such injuries have been caused but people are claiming for their financial benefit. In many cases people are proven to be claiming compensation illegally and this often results in the compensation being taken back.
Another popular scam which is currently happening includes scam artists setting up their own accident locations where they intentionally cause accidents. The scam artists often do this in order to benefit financially and to gain money from innocent people. The police are actively working to stop scam artists operating on the roads in the UK, although there are always new scams emerging. It is obviously very difficult to point out to car drivers how to look out for scam artists and therefore people are advised to be as careful as possible.