What are family tickets?

Family tickets have been created in order to provide families with a special discounted rate when visiting certain attractions. The family ticket provides the chance for a family to visit attractions using a family pass, this pass therefore provides entrance for the whole family.

Different attractions have different policies in place in relation to family tickets, for example there will be different rules in relation to the size of a family. Generally a family ticket will allow the admission of two adults and two children once the ticket has been purchased. Although some attractions do have their own policies and therefore family tickets may be purchased for larger or smaller families.

These family tickets can be purchased at a cheaper rate than buying the individual tickets, they are therefore highly worthwile for families. In some cases a family ticket may have to be bought before arriving at an attraction, although this is not the case in all instances.

Family tickets may only be accepted when the children within a party are below a certain age, each attraction will have their own regulations and these should therefore be checked before travelling to an attraction.

The majority of popular attractions throughout the UK offer family tickets.