What does the CICA pay for a broken jaw?

A quite common injury as a result of violence is a broken jaw; this can be a very painful experience for the victim. Some victims may be eligible to claim compensation from CICA for this injury. Victims can find out if they are eligible by consulting the criteria, this criterion provides information on what evidence will be required to gain compensation and also personal details will need to be disclosed. The amount of compensation paid out by CICA for a broken jaw is usually around 5,000. Although the pay out could less and it could also be more, it depends how the case is rated. CICA operates a tariff based compensation scheme; this means each case, which is reviewed, will be given a level between 1 and 25. A rating of level 1 would mean a pay out of 1,000 and the ladder then progress to Level 25, which means a pay out of 250,000. Extra compensation is also available for loss of earnings and special expenses can be gained to cover medical treatment.
In order to have a successful claim with CICA for a broken jaw the victim will be required to provide a large amount of evidence on the incident. This will mean providing information on exactly what happened and when. Any witnesses which saw the incident will also need to be named and their contact details provided. The application form also requires the victim to state what they did after the incident, for example did the police operate an investigation and was there a court hearing. The person who attacked the victim dos not necessarily need to have been charged by the police in order for a compensation claim to be successful.
The application by the victim will also mean providing evidence of the injuries which have been sustained. In this case, the victim will be required to show evidence of their jaw being broken, this may require medical evidence which can be obtained from the GP of the victim. Each case is treated on an individual basis and it is therefore difficult to state exactly what the evidence required will be. Any medication which is being taken on a regular basis will also need to be named, all of this is important in order for a claim to be successful.
If the victim has received any form of compensation from other organisations this must be stated on the application form, this include personal insurance pay outs. If the victim holds a criminal record this may result in a percentage of the pay out being withdrawn. Claims can be made within two years of the incident occurring, in special circumstances claims may be accepted outside of this time frame, although this must be authorized by CICA.