What is an estate agent

What is an estate agentEstate agents are used by individuals who are looking to buy or sell homes; they are often described as the middle people in the house market. Usually an estate agent will be used in order to organise the sale of a house, they will advertise the house on the housing market and they will also show around prospective buyers. There are many different estate agents located across the UK and there are usually more than one estate agency located within each area. Quite often an estate agent will help take the stresses away of selling or buying a property.People who are selling their homes or a property will usually approach an estate agent in order to advertise their property for sale. Different estate agencies will advertise properties in different ways. The majority of them will advertise properties on the internet on local housing sites and they will also advertise within their local area. The advertising is completed by the estate agent in order to draw people in to the property. An estate agent will also organise all of the viewings and will show around the prospective buyers. Selling a house can be difficult and thats why many people prefer to use an estate agent to sell a property.An estate agent will also be responsible for showing prospective buyers around houses. People who are searching for a house within a particular area will usually approach an estate agent with their requirements for a property. An estate agent will then look through the properties that they have on their books and will show them around these potential properties. In cases where a buyer wants to put a bid on a property the estate agent will then broker this deal. Estate agents make their money through selling homes or letting out homes for people. In terms of selling houses the estate agents will usually charge a commission rate; this will usually based on the sale price of a property. Some estate agents will have fixed prices that they will charge people. People who are looking to let out properties will also usually use an estate agent. There is a fee for doing this and an estate agent will usually charge a commission of the monthly rent that is being charged.