What is the car accident claim procedure?

It is the worst nightmare of any car driver, but unfortunately car accidents due happen. What is very important for all car drivers is to be aware of the correct process to ensure a claim is successful after the accident. Failure to collect the relevant information could leave the person who has had their car damaged, out of pocket and possibly funding the repair of their car. Car owners should read this information carefully, this will allow them to be successful in their claim.
If the accident has just happened, the likelihood is that you may be shaken up and unaware of exactly what you are doing. The first important step is to stay calm. The name, address and contact details of the other driver must be obtained. It is always useful to carry a pen and paper in the car in case of accidents. Ensure you write down the vehicle registration number of the other drivers car, this is important for the claims process. The next step is to gather the name, address and policy number of the other persons insurance provider. If they do not have the details on them, at the very least get the name of the provider.
Witnesses are often very important in car accident claims and therefore gather the contact details of any which were present. This may seem irrelevant to some people but this could be the vital piece of evidence towards a claim becoming successful. Another piece of crucial evidence could be photographs of the scene. A camera phone would obviously be ideal in such a situation. If at all possible, when taking the photographs include something with the date on in the images, for example a newspaper. This will help to show that the photographs were taken on the day of the accident.
If you are injured you should report the incident to the police, they will provide you with the incident number and this should be recorded. It is actually a legal requirement for anyone injured in a car accident to report it to the police. Another legal responsibility if involved in car accidents is that you do not admit liability for the accident.
All of this information is vital in making a successful claim for the accident, failure to capture crucial information may result in the claim being unsuccessful. A claims firm will also be able to complete a compensation claim if anybody was injured during the accident.