What is the CICA award tariff?

CICA operates a Tariff award scheme, this is a compensation which recognizes that an individual has suffered an injury. Tariff award is used a way of presenting the standard amount of compensation. As well as having Tariff award which is used to provide compensation for the injury, CICA also provides compensation for loss of earnings and special expenses, people who qualify for tariff will also qualify for other types of compensation.
Compensation is sometimes provided to families who have lost a loved on due to the result of a violent crime. If a parent, child, husband, wife or partner (including same sex partners) have died due to the result of a violent crime, CICA may pay compensation to the people who have been impacted upon. At present CICA pay 11,000 if there is one person claiming or 5,500 each if there is more than one person claiming. Higher compensation may be paid if the claimant was financially dependent on the person who has died. Funeral expenses may also be refunded to the person who paid for the funeral, although these are only paid after the claim has been assessed.
Loss of earnings compensation is paid by CICA, this will be paid if earnings have been lost or the ability to earn for longer than 28 weeks as a result of the injury which happened. Compensation for loss of earnings will be paid to those who qualify from the 29th week that individual cannot work. A separate form will need to be completed if individuals wish to claims for loss of earnings and also tariff compensation.
CICA also provides compensation for special expenses in some cases, these are judged on an individual basis and therefore the amount of compensation varies. Special expenses include the cost of medical treatment which cannot be reasonably be provided by the National Health Service. Special expenses also includes the cost of care provided by a residential establishment or at home and the cost of adaptations that need to be made to a home due to the result of the injury which the victim received. Compensation for special expenses is similar to compensation for the loss of earnings and there are therefore certain criteria. Special expenses will be paid only if the individual is unable to work (or if unemployed, would not have been able to work) for more than 28 weeks after the injury happened. Compensation for special expenses will be paid from the date of the injury; this is different from loss of earnings which is paid from week 29. People who wish to apply for special expenses compensation along with tariff award must inform CICA at the start of the process.