What is the disability allowance?

The disability living allowance is a benefit that is provided by the central government within the UK. It provides people who have walking difficulties or people who require help with personal care with a financial benefit support. The benefit is provided to people who have had the needs for at least three months and they must expect to have these needs or difficulties for at least another six months in order to claim the benefit.

The disability living allowance will be provided to people after an assessment has been carried out in relation to whether an individual is deemed eligible. The disability must be severe enough for the individual to require general help with tasks such as washing, dressing, eating, getting to and using the toilet, or communicating general needs. In cases where an individual requires supervision to avoid putting themselves or others in danger the allowance will be paid. Other cases include when assistance is required due to being on dialysis or being unable to prepare a cooked main meal.

There are different rates for the care component that is available to individuals, this will depend upon how the disability affects the individual.

The lowest rate is where help is required for part of the day or in cases where meal preparation assistance is required.

The medium rate has been designed for people who require regular assistance with personal care or continual assistance throughout the say. This package is also relevant for night watch or for watch whilst on dialysis.

The highest rate is for when care is required frequently throughout the day and night.

The disability living allowance also as a component that will provide money to people who have mobility difficulties due to the disability. This will be paid if an individual is virtually unable to walk without severe discomfort due to the disability the suffer from or if they endanger their life by walking or if their condition may deteriorate through physical activity. Individuals with no feet or legs can also claim the benefit.

The amount of disability allowance that is paid to individuals is based on the information that is provided to the board in charge. This is the Pensions Disability and Carers Service. It is the responsibility of the claimant to inform this organisation if there is a change in personal circumstances. Failure to up date the organisation on a change in the disability may lead to the payments being stopped in the future.