What to do following a car accident

Car accidents happen frequently, on many roads and many people are injured as a result of car accidents. Although what is highly surprising about many people who are involved in car accidents is the amount of people who are unaware what to do after a car accident. The following information will provide a guide on what people should do after a car accident, this is very important in relation to making sure all matters a re resolved properly.
The first thing to do following an accident, if there are no serious injuries, is to ensure that all drivers involved exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance company details and also car registration numbers. These details are vital for when each party may need to make a claim, whether this is for personal injury or for damage to a car.
Identify who is driving the car which you have hit or the car which has hit you, try to establish whether the person who is driving the car is responsible for insuring the car, for example are they the main policy holder and try to gather whether they are truly insured. This can be done by contacting the insurance company which the other party provides.
The next important aspect as to what to do after a crash is to assess and note down the damage which has been caused to the involved cars. This is a very important factor, as in the past people have made claims for damage which has not actually happened to the car. Make sure the car is fully assessed, checking all areas, check if any tyres are bold which would make the car illegal on the roads and if possible take photographs of the damage which has occurred, many people can now use mobile phones to take these photographs.
The next factor to note down is the exact location as to where the crash happened a full location address will be much more effective for when preparing a case to make any form of claim.
When the crash has occurred, do not at any point discuss or admit as to who is to blame for the crash. This is a common mistake which is made by many people; any admissions will be taking on board by insurance companies and may result in no claims being paid out to either party or parties.
If there any witnesses present who have seen what has happened at the crash ask them for their name and address, these may be vital sources of evidence when it comes to making a claim. This is especially important in a case where there has been no other passengers travelling within the cars involved within the crash. One drivers word against another drivers word without any passengers can result in difficulty for making claims if neither party admits to the accident.
The final steps to take after gathering all of the above details is to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Failing to contact your insurance company immediately can result in a policy becoming void.