Latinos are men and women who hols origins the Hispanic countries of Latin America or Spain. Latinos are most commonly found within the United States. The groups of people have distinct national origin and roots, and are renowned for being proud of their heritage. A large amount of people within the United States are Latinos, 46.9million people, this counts for 15.4% of the US population. This means Latinos are the second largest ethnic group in the US after Hispanic Whit Americans. Latinos are often found within particular regions, which mean certain states have densely populated areas of Latinos.
Is it believed that Latinos have lived in the United States from around 1565; this is one of the longest standing ethnic groups within the US. Although as confirming your ethnic origin and completing the census is voluntary within the United States, it is impossible to provide a totally accurate number of the people in each ethnic group. Previous to the word Latino being used in America, the word Hispanic was adopted during the times President Richard Nixon was in charge of the US. Ever since this, the term has become a widely used term across the world. As the popularity of the word Latino increased, the United States government chose to adopt this term also, during 1997, the term first appeared on census forms during 2000.
Some debate has been created around the terms Latino and Hispanic, this due to people believing these words have identical meaning. Whereas some people believe they do, the reality is they do not so or at least do not within the United States.
In recent years the amount of Latinos who have become habitants within the United Kingdom has increased considerably. Those who are Latinos are likely to speak either American English or Spanish. A large majority of those who live in the US speak Spanish. Many also hold a Hispanic culture, interested in literature and music.
The main regions in the United States which have large amounts of Latinos are predominantly in the South West, Florida and the North East; these are the areas which they have lived in continually since their arrival in 1565. There are many famous and well respected Latinos and Hispanics from America including Cesar Chavez, Raquel Welch, David Farragit, Sarria Sotomayor and Alex Rodriguez.
Those of the Latino origin are likely to hold one of many religions including Christian, Catholicism, Muslim or Santeria.
The majority of Latinos and Hispanic people who live in America are actually white in skin. Although some are also mixed race and black, this often depends on their location.
Latinos have made considerable contributions to the United States economy in terms of music, literature, philosophy, science and sports. Some of the most influential sports people in America are Latinos.
Latinos have also made very important contributions in terms of the business world. It is estimated that during 2002 there was 1.6 million Latino business owners. These businesses vary widely in there purpose from entertainment to accountancy firms.