Car accident on private property, any difference?

For anybody involved in a car accident it can be a difficult and traumatic experience. Car drivers should be aware of the different situations which could possibly occur and where they stand when attempting to claim compensation. For example drivers should know what steps to take if they are involved in a road traffic accident, this is very important as in many cases the details will need to be gathered straight after the accident has happened. Although the majority of accidents happen on public roads, some do happen on private property and therefore drivers should be aware of where they stand legally.
Private property is a large definition and includes numerous different areas, all of which are governed by the Occupiers Liability Act. Areas classed as private property include shops, car parks, warehouses, buildings and private dwelling. Unusually private property also includes scaffolding and any forms of fixed or moveable structures.
Car accidents on private property are notoriously difficult to resolve, especially as different insurance companies operate in different ways. There are different situations which will lead to different outcomes. In the majority of cases accidents which happen on private land are in supermarket car parks. This normally involves car doors hitting into cars or loose trolleys hitting cars. In relation to car doors in the majority of cases people tend to not process insurance claims as the amount payable is usually relatively small. If you return to your car and it has been damaged but are unaware how, the only way to gain compensation is by finding out who did it. This can be through asking the owners of the property if there is any CCTV evidence. If evidence cannot be found then the owner of the car will not be able to process an insurance claim. Some insurance companies will not process insurance claims which have occurred on private property at all, due to this, car derivers are advised to check their policy status.
In cases where the owners of the private property have damaged or car then it may be possible to claim compensation based on the owner holding liability. In order to secure a compensation claim car drivers are advised to collect as much evidence as possible. Car owners are also advised to collect the insurance details of the owner of the private property.