What are car emissions?

Discussions around car emissions have increased in recent times due to the growing concern over the environment. Emissions are the pollutants which are released by cars into the environment. There are numerous elements within the emissions released including nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Large cars and 4x4s are traditionally renowned for being large polluters, harming the atmospheres, which has therefore led to many protest groups such as Greenpeace campaigning against such vehicles. Due to the emissions of cars polluting the atmosphere, often being emitted through their exhausts, car manufacturers are attempting to reduce these or looking for alternative methods to power cars. Such methods include electric cars which do not harm the environment and also have zero emissions. These developments appear to be in there early stages, large amounts of money are being invested although many people are sceptical and many reluctant to move away from fuel powered cars. It is important to note that it is not only cars which release emissions but other fuel powered methods of transport do also including planes and trains. One step to reduce the amount of emissions being released to the atmosphere is by encouraging car buyers to opt for the most economical cars available. The Government changed the basis of how car tax operates; it is now linked to emissions. There are now thirteen bands for car tax all dependant upon a cars emissions, a car in band A receives free car tax which can be compared to band M where car owners must pay 435 for twelve months. This now means that the cost of car tax due to emissions has become a considerable part of a cars running cost. The emissions on the atmosphere can have a variety of effects on different scales, local, regional and global. On the local scale those within an area will breathe in bad air. On the regional level there are large amounts of chemicals are in the air and therefore infections carried throughout people are possible. On the global scale, the emissions contribute to the changing atmosphere and global warming. Ultimately the best way to reduce emissions appears to be to use the polluters less often, therefore using a car less often. This has been proved by campaigns sponsored by the Government encouraging people to walk, car share or use local transport rather than each individual polluting by using their own car.