Amazon was established in 1994

Amazon was established in 1994 and is one of the major success stories of the boom of the 1990s. The business is based in the United States and is the worlds largest online retailer. When established in 1994 by Jeff Bezos the company was known Cadabra but this was changed due to confusion among consumers.

The name Amazon was selected to the Amazon River being one of the largest rivers in the world; being one of the largest businesses in the world was an ambition of the owner. Initially when the website was started it operated as an online bookstore but it then diversified to offer many other products including DVDs, CDs, computer software, video games, furniture and toys. The product list of Amazon is highly extensive.

Businesses are also able to sell items on the Amazon platform, for example one popular category is the used book market. Consumers are offered the chance to buy a book brand new or they can buy it at a reduced price if it is a used product.

One of the most recent developments by Amazon is the Kindle, this is a portable product which allows consumers to read books on an electronic device. Books can be directly downloaded onto the device via WIFI.