Car leasing high mileage

Car leasing high mileagePeople who wish to buy a car in which they will travel a high amount of miles often worry about the depreciation of a vehicle. It is well known within the motor industry that cars that have a high amount of mileage on do not sell very well and if they do, they depreciate by a high amount. Businesses that offer their employees companies cars will often find that they lose a lot of money on the vehicles if they choose to buy them; this is because few people wish to buy ex company cars and also because company cars usually have high mileage on them.One of the beast ways to avoid losing a lot of money through depreciation on a car is through using car leasing. A car lease allows an individual or business to pay a monthly fee in order to hire a car from a company. Usually at the end of a fixed term period the car will then be handed back. In some cases individuals or businesses may choose to buy the car at the end of the lease. Most car lease companies will offer fixed lease terms between twelve and thirty six months. Whilst car leasing is often great for people who intend to carry out a large amount of miles during their ownership of a car, there are certain factors that should be checked. Some car leasing companies will have a cap on the number of miles that can be completed in a car during the lease agreement. If the car driver goes over this cap of mileage, there will be a fee per mile for this. Quite often the fee per mile that is charged is very high and can often lead to car leasing becoming cost ineffective. There are specialist car leasing companies that offer high mileage agreements; this will allow a car driver to cover the amount of miles required. There are also some agreements available that do not have any limit at all on the number of miles that can be covered during an agreement. It is worthwile knowing that there will usually be an extra charge for this service.