The Royal Yacht Britannia is located within Edinburgh and is

The Royal Yacht Britannia is located within Edinburgh and is a major tourist attraction located within the city. The ship is very famous and has in its years played host to many famous people from across the world. Previously the ship was the host of Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family. This famous ship has now been opened up for visitors to discover the heart and soul which is offered on board. Visitors are able to visit this ship and have a tour of its areas, before boarding each individual will be given a complimentary audio handset. This handset will provide an insight into captivating stories and will also help to provide a rare glimpse into the life of the British Royal Family. Some of the famous people who have been on this ship include Sir Winston Churchill, Boris Yeltsin, Rajiv Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. These are some of the most influential people ever to have to lived, all who have been on board the Britannia.
The self guided tour begins at the Bridge and will go through five amazing decks; visitors will see the State Apartments, the crews quarters and the Engine Room. The majority of items which will be seen on board the ship are original items which were used when the ship was operational. Highlights of the tour which many visitors enjoy the most include the State Dining Room, the Sun Lounge and the Officers Wardroom. Visitors are advised to look out for surprises whilst they are on their tour; especially the on board garage which houses one of Her Majestys Rolls Royces. It will even be possible to see into the bedroom of The Queen, something which is not possible at any other open Royal residence.
The opportunity will arise to visit the Royal Deck Tea Room which is on board the ship. Here, visitors can sit back and relax whilst enjoying the magnificent waterfront views which are on offer. Waiters located here will pamper visitors with a wide range of speciality teas and coffee. Light refreshments are also served within the Tea Room; these include delicious cakes, freshly baked cones, soup and sandwiches. For visitors who wish to relax a little more or even treat themselves, a full list of beers and champagnes are also offered on board.
The Royal Deck previously used to be the host of Royal Family cocktail parties and receptions. The deck would have been covered with an awning in order to protect guests visiting the function from the sun. The ship today has been replicated in this way, an awning style roof, the original teak deck and glass walls are all featured on the ship.
All visitors who visit this tourist attraction are likely to enjoy a brilliant day out, seeing some of the most unique sights which are open to the general public.

The Royal Yacht Britannia
The Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6JJ
0131 555 5566