Van Types

There are many different types of van available throughout the UK, the types and uses of these vans will now be discussed. Quite clearly if selecting a van it is important to ensure that the correct van for the job is selected.
Different types of van include microvans, car derived vans, light vans, hi-cube vans, small panel vans, large panel vans, pick ups, chassis cabs and minibuses. All of these vans have specific uses and therefore each one which is aimed at a specific market or group.
Microvans are not commonly seen within the UK but they are very popular in places such as China and Japan. They are often not very powerful although they can often carry up to nine people. The majority of microvans comprise of two front doors, two rear swinging doors and a large tailgate. As these are cheap to purchase they are generally aimed at families and small businesses that do not require a lot of distribution.
Car derived vans are commonly seen and are usually owned by self employed individuals who only have to transport themselves and their equipment. The van is basically a car which has been converted to a van for ease; examples include the Vauxhall Corsa and the Ford Fiesta. These are relatively cheap vehicles which are also reasonable priced in relation to tax, insurance and running costs.
Light vans are generally medium sized vans which are very popular within the UK with many businesses such as trade and distribution. This van is of a good size for transportation, provides three or four seats and can be driven on a normal driving license. The vans, which are produced by many of the major manufacturers, are also relatively inexpensive to run in regards to running costs. Any large firms who boast a large fleet of vans are likely to have vans of this type.
Hi cube vans are large vans which are only likely to be owned by professionals who require to move large or large amounts of items. The vehicles are relatively expensive and are also difficult to drive compare with car, mainly due to the size difference.
Small and large panel vans are typical vans which are produced by mainstream manufacturers aimed at small and large businesses. The majority of manufacturers produce such vans and these are the common vans seen on the roads everyday. Businesses often brand these with their logos and business activities to market their business.
Pick ups are popular vehicles with many builders and farmers as they offer a large open rear which allows rubble and also large machinery to be transported. This is useful for if something is being demolished and the rubble needs to be transported, rather than having to pay for an external skip. Pickups have also in recent times become popular with some families as they offer the advantages of 4X4s but can also be used as work vehicle. Most pick ups offer five seats which also is handy for many.