CICA Compensation rate guide

The compensation paid out by CICA is government funded and is provided to blameless victims of violent crime. The amount of compensation paid out is dependent upon how serious the incident and the injuries. The minimum payment is 1,000 and the maximum for a single injury is 250,000. There are also other compensation packages available which are for loss of earning and special expenses. The maximum overall payment is 500,000 this includes all additional compensation packages.
In most cases CICA aims to settle all compensation applications in one payment. In cases where medical conditions and financial losses are not clear, CICA may not be able to pay out in just one lump sum. All cases are reviewed as quick as possible, although in some cases where information is lacking, the case may take an extensive amount of time.
The standard amount of compensation is compensation paid to recognize the loss of someone very close to the claimant, the death must have been due to a crime of violence. Obviously CICA recognizes that financial payments will not change the event which have happened but the money is offered as a gesture of public sympathy for the grief caused. If there is just one person claiming than a payment of 11,000 will be made. If there are more than one person claiming than the standard amount of compensation paid is 5,500 for each claimant. These amounts which are paid out are amounts which cannot be changed as they are fixed amounts set out in the CICA tariffs.
Once a case is received by CICA it be reviewed, a conclusion will be made with the case being given a level, the levels range from 1 to 25. A level 1 will mean a payout of 1,000 and a level 25 will mean a payout of 250,000. Certain injuries have set amounts of compensation against them, these are set out in the CICA tariffs. In cases of sexual assault claims, extra payments may be rewarded, although this is down to the discretion of CICA.
Claimants who hold a criminal record may have their compensation reduced, penalty points are in place to state how much a reduction will be. One penalty point means a 10% reduction and 10 penalty points means a reduction of 100%. The scale goes from one to ten penalty points, and the rating go in a ladder scale. People who have a criminal record should consult the information provided by CICA which states what crimes hold what amount of penalty points. Serious cases will obviously hold a high amount of penalty points and there will therefore be a large reduction.