Comprehensive Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement within the UK and is purchased in order to protect an individuals vehicle and wellbeing. Furthermore the obtaining of car insurance also ensures that other drivers are protected if any accidents occur. Comprehensive car insurance is generally the most expensive but this is a form of insurance which covers drivers totally. Comprehensive insurance can be compared to third party fire and theft insurance, this means that a driver is only protected when a car is stolen or involved in a fire. If a driver who has third party insurance is involved in an accident they are not covered for the cost of repairs to their vehicle or the other vehicle which has been involved, the driver must therefore pay for the damage to be fixed personally.

It became a legal requirement in 1930 fall all drivers to hold vehicle insurance within the UK. It is therefore an offence to use a car or to allow other drivers to use it without valid insurance being placed on the car.

In the case of expensive cars, such as super cars, it is likely that insurance companies will only offer comprehensive cover. This is mainly due to the costs associated with replacing these cars and the cost of fixing them if they have been damaged. Furthermore, often these cars are more likely to be targeted to be stolen.

Younger driver are renowned for receiving excessive insurance costs. This is mainly due to them being considered a high risk on the road, often some young drivers are offered insurance quotes which amount to higher than the amount paid for their car. One main problem with younger drivers being provided with high insurance prices is that some drivers may attempt to avoid paying. This therefore means they are a significant risk when on roads driving, not only for themselves but also they are a major risk to other drivers. This therefore means that any accidents would leave another car requiring the damage to be paid for by the driver.

In order to take out an insurance policy a driver must hold a valid driving license. They must also agree an excess payment with the insurance company. The excess amount will have to be paid if an insurance holder makes a claim on their policy. Often, the higher the agreed excess amount the lower the insurance policy will cost. This is one of the main reasons why younger drivers tend to have a high excess amount so that they get lower insurance costs.