Family Ticket London Zoo

London Zoo is a highly popular attraction for families and is frequently visited by schools for day trips. The zoo is one of the largest in the UK and receives very high visitor numbers.

There is a vast range of different animals kept at the zoo and visitors can get very close to a variety of different animals. There are also numerous rare breed animals located within the zoo.

Rather than offering a sole family ticket, London Zoo offers a discount to families who are purchasing tickets online. This discount cannot be obtained at the venue itself and therefore it is important to ensure that tickets are purchased prior to visiting.

The discount is only valid at certain times and therefore families are advised to check when discounts are available. When purchasing a minimum of two adult tickets and two child tickets or one adult ticket and three child tickets a ten percent discount from the standard price will be offered.

The standard price for an adult visiting London Zoo is 20.50 and the standard price for a child is 16.40. Children tickets can only purchased for those who are thirteen or under. Any families who are visiting with a child under the age of three will receive a free ticket for this child.