Fatal Accident claims

Quite clearly losing somebody due to a fatal accident can be an extremely traumatic event and is bound to impact upon everybody concerned. Dependants of the person who died in the fatal accident can often pursue compensation claims, although it must be noted that these claims are often very complex. Due to the complexity and sensitivity of the issue legal advice from a solicitor or claims firm should be taken in order to ensure compensation which is entitled to is paid out.
People who are classed as dependant upon the person who has died include wives, husbands and children. Unlike many claims, there is a fixed amount which can be recovered due to the loss of a fatal accident, this sum is 11,800. A claim which is made on behalf of a parent and children will mean this sum is divided between them, the money is not provided to each individual claimant.
There are some people who are unable to claim for fatal accidents, these include the parents of a child over the age of eighteen, the children of a deceased parent, parents of a stillborn infant and other relatives related to the person who has died can not claim compensation. Legislation is very strict and people who are considered to be extremely close to the person, for example a carer, are still not permitted to make a claim.
If a person was financially dependant upon the person involved in the accident may be in a position to make a claim due to the source of their funding being removed. Not all claims are always successful when relating to such a matter. Regardless of how serious the fatal accident was, anybody wishing to make a claim as they were financial dependant on the person will need to provide satisfactory evidence as to why the funds are required.
People who can be classed as dependant upon the person who has died include a husband, wife, a divorced husband or a divorced wife. A civil partner who is living or a civil partner who has passed away. A parent of the deceased, a child of the deceased, a person who was treated as a child of the deceased and a person who is a brother, sister, uncle, auntie, niece, nephew or cousin of the deceased.
There are a variety of fatal accidents which occur, many people die fatally in car accidents. Some die at work in a fatal accident, this may leave the employer of the person liable to pay compensation due to the failure to provide a safe working environment and fulfil their duty of care. Claims of this nature are often very difficult to handle for the people involved and can emotionally draining. Many fatal accidents are often related to medical negligence, many claims are often successfully brought against the hospitals responsible which has led to the accident. It is worth considering that even the compensation paid does not help with people emotionally, it is just likely to help make them finically stable.