Greyfriars Kirk is a church community which is located within

Greyfriars Kirk is a church community which is located within Edinburgh; the church was founded during 1620. The Greyfriars is now the home of the congregation of Greyfriars Tolbooth and Highland. It stands in a location which previously belonged to the Franciscan convent in the Grassmarket. This was the first church which was constructed in Edinburgh after the Reformation. In 1562 the ground was granted to the council for burial land by Mary Queen of Scots. In 1602 the building began reusing the stonework which was used for the Dominican convent at Sciennes. This was a desperately long process and the new church did not open until Christmas day 1620.
The year 1683 was a landmark year; the National Convent was presented and signed in front of the pulpit. This document which was presented was of major importance and the original copy is still displayed in the visitor centre today. The church today does not feature many of the original features. At the time, worshippers would either stand or bring their own stools, with the only furniture in the church being the pulpit.
People could enter the church from the east, south and north. The doors which were located at the north now form the main entrance to the porch of the church.
Numerous different worship services are now held at the church, all of which are usually heavily attended. The church is committed to following Christ all way through the week which is why different worship services are offered. This is a massive tourist attraction with thousands of people visiting every week.
Hospitality is provided to the many people who attend the concerts and events which are held in the building. The church does a lot of work which is heavily appreciated by many people. In particular the church works alongside the citys vulnerable community, especially those who are struggling with problem of being homeless. A magazine has now been launched which can be picked up or downloaded from the website, this keeps everyone up to date on what is happening at the church and the success of previous events. The NightKirk which occurs at the church is a popular event which offers a place for stillness, prayer and reflection with the Kirk. Sometimes there are occasional services and liturgies which offer prayer in the style of readings and music. Volunteers are located at the NightKirk, these are located here to have a chat with over a drink of the famous warm and spicy apple juice. People are welcomed to come and sit and think also. The choir is also very popular at the church; this is an adult choir which sings at the main Sunday service every week. Awards are given each term in the choir and these are selected by numerous different people.

Greyfriars Kirk
86 Candlemaker Row, Midlothian, Edinburgh, EH1 2QA
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