How do I claim income support?

Income support has been created by the government in order to help people who have a low income. The income support payments are made for people who do not have to sign on as unemployed. Different people qualify and the amount that is paid is dependent upon each different circumstance.

Income support is for people who are between the age of sixteen and the age that they can claim pension credit, have a low income, work less than 16 hours a week in employment, people who are in full time study, those who do not claim jobseekers allowance or employment and support allowance, dont know have savings above 16,000 and claimers must live Great Britain. In certain cases some people may be able to claim money whilst still in full time study.

Income support is available for lone parents, for parents on parental or paternity leave, for careers and for a refugee who is learning English who arrived within the UK less than a year ago. Families can claim income support and this can be claimed for both partners within a relationship. Couples will be assessed as a couple by the Jobcentre Plus if they are married or a civil partnership.

There are numerous ways that income support can be claimed, it is up to the individual how they choose to claim the money. An online service is available and this is operated by the Department for Work and Pensions Benefits. This process may require numerous bits of evidence to be provided by claimants. The online process is not a guarantee of securing the income support and some cases people may be required to have an interview or to visit their local Jobcentre Plus.

People who do not wish to claim income support online can claim by telephone or textphone. The advisor within the contact centre will help the claimant to make their claim and they will run through the application form with them. The contact centre will then complete the form on the behalf of the client; this means that the claimant is not required to fill in any forms for themselves.

The amount of income support that can be claimed is made up of three different parts, these are personal allowances, premiums and payments to cover certain housing costs.