The Real Mary Kings Close is a unique experience which

The Real Mary Kings Close is a unique experience which is not to be missed by anybody visiting Edinburgh. Located and hidden beneath the famous Royal Mile is a deep secret; there is a warren of hidden closes. In these closes, real people lived, worked and died. These closes were forgotten and left untouched for centuries, although now there is the opportunity to visit this famous close which is now regarded as one of the premier tourist attractions in Edinburgh. Visitors will experience the unique sights, sounds and smells which are brought from this forgotten area.
A new tour service is now offered through the Old Town area; a one time 17th Century resident will walk visitors through the journey, showing them the lesser seen Closes and streets which have become part of the historic Edinburgh.
One exciting opportunity which is enjoyed by many visitors of the attraction is the chance to meet the inhabitants of the area. The tour guide will reveal the fascinating and emotional stories which surround human life as visitors are toured around the strange, dark, underground site towards areas which date back to the 1600s.
The Merchant is Stephen Boyd; he owns the southernmost property which is located on the east side of Mary Kings Close in 1635. Stephen has chosen to operate his business from a Luckenbooth located at the top of the close, just beneath the famous crown of St Giles.
The Cleaner is Walter King, he wears a distinctive uniform which makes him stand out as a foulis clenger, he is employed by the Burgh Council and his role is to clean houses which have impacted upon by the plague.
The Daughter is Jonet Nimmo, she is the youngest daughter of Mary King, after whom the Close was named. Jonet was born in 1622 in a fairly affluent area and she has lived in the close since she was seven years old.
The Servant goes by the name of Agnes Chambers and is a maid in the household of prominent merchant burgess, Alexander Cant in 1535. Agnes will reveal all to visitors about her life in the town house of Craigs Close at which point things took a dramatic turn.
Anybody who wishes to organise a group booking for a visit to the Real Mary Kings Close should contact the booking office in order to secure a slot and potentially a discount. Groups of over fifteen are required to complete the booking form which is located on the website. Excellent transport links are provided near by which means that the close is easily accessible through a range of different transport facilities. Opening times vary throughout the year and therefore anybody planning on visiting should be aware of the correct opening times before hand. Anybody who does visit the Close is highly likely to have an exciting and unique experience.

The Real Mary Kings Close
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