35mm Camera Buying Guide

Many people feel that the only way to take a picture is use a traditional camera, rather than using a digital camera. Whilst the popularity of digital cameras has grown, the traditional camera has decreased in popularity. Although a point and shoot film camera can still be bought in the majority of photography and electronic stores. For someone who is not aware of what to look for in a camera, entering into a photography shop may be quite bewildering. There are numerous different cameras which are different sizes and also different prices. Before a camera is bought it is important to establish what the camera is being bought for, for example what kinds of pictures are going to be taken. Also how much of the individual does want to be involved in the personal decision of the buying process. Shopping for a camera which best suits the needs of the individual is advised. The most expensive cameras are not always the best; even some less expensive cameras can provide sophisticated systems to automate the photography being taken. The majority of 35mm compact cameras have just a single focal length lens and fixed lenses. In most cases the 35mm compact camera is capable of producing sharp pictures of subject about 4 to 5 feet away to infinity. Almost all 35mm cameras offer auto exposure and a built in automatic flash, this ensures that the camera can be used anywhere. In the majority of cases, a 35mm camera is limited to one or two shutter speeds; they can just be used outdoors in good weather or indoors with the flash within a rather limited flash range of usually 4 to 10 feet. Single lens reflex cameras are also a type of camera which are becoming increasingly popular, in most cases they offer interchangeable lenses. The potential to change lenses means that different kinds of photo can be taken. The choice of lenses ranges from wide angle and telephoto to a wide variety of zooms and close up or macro lenses. The majority of major brands produce SLR cameras and there are a wide range of accessory items which can be purchased to use with them. These included special lenses, an intervalometer for recording a time lapse series, a high speed motor drive and numerous other accessories. The SLR is one of the most versatile cameras available for purchase and is very popular with professional photographers. Many people who travel a lot also like this type of camera as it avoids a lot of separate components that might get lost or stolen. As well as traditional cameras being popular, many people have begun to purchase digital cameras. In truth, the digital camera has become the norm and the technology is constantly being developed to improve the quality of the camera.