Royal Mail is a state owned business

Royal Mail is a state owned business which operates throughout the UK, the business was founded in 1516. The Royal Mail organisation is the national postal service which operates within the UK. Within the organisation are numerous different subsidiaries including the Post Office, Parcelforce Worldwide and General Logistics Systems.

The Royal Mail is one of the most popular postal services in the UK although sales have fallen significantly over the past two decades. Routine postal collections are carried out throughout the UK. Letters can be sent by posting the letter into a post box; these are usually located on busy streets and are painted red. In order to post a letter the person must purchase a stamp, these vary in price depending on the level of service required. In some cases the price od posting is covered by the person or organsiation receiving the letter.

Other services offered by Royal Mail include banking services and bill payment services; these services can be carried out at Post Offices located throughout the UK. Post Offices also play a major role in the issuing of British Passports and also work closely with the DVLA to offer car tax services.