Can I get a Blue Badge for Disability?

The Blue Badge scheme has primarily been created to provide support to those people who have difficulties with mobility. For this reason in many cases people suffering for disability are in a position to claim a badge. The scheme is managed by each local authority but national guidelines are in place.

As the term disability is such a wide stretching one is it important to be aware of what disabilities will provide eligibility to claim a badge. People who are in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance are automatically eligible for a Blue Badge. Supporting documents can include the official statement informing you that you will receive the said benefits.

People who have a sever disability in both upper limbs who regularly drive but cannot turn the steering wheel of a vehicle fully even when a turning knob is fitted are also automatically eligible to claim a Blue Badge.

If you have a permanent substantial disability that means you are unable to walk or you have considerable difficult in walking you may be in a position to claim a Blue Badge. Each case will be assessed be the local authority and the opinion of a medical professional may be seeked.