Overview of CICA Application Form

In order to make a claim for compensation from CICA, claimants will be required to fill in an application form. The application is of considerable left and holds the purpose of gathering all of the relevant details, which will help to speed up the compensation process. Applications can be completed online or can be filled in by hand and then posted. Once applications are received CICA will consider the application, how long this takes will depend upon how busy the compensation team are.
The first part of the application form establishes whether the individual is eligible to make a claim. Questions assess the eligibility and ask questions such as whether the injury occurred in England, Scotland or Wales. Answering no to any of the questions in the first section may mean that the individuals are unable to make a claim, if this is the case individuals are advised to phone the helpline on 0800 357 3601.
The second section is used to gather personal details of the individual such as their address, date of birth, national insurance number and contact details. Contact details are essential as it is likely that CICA will contact the claimant to discuss the compensation package. Any information placed on the application form is kept completely secure and CICA has confidentiality practices in place.
The next section requires details on the incident from which the injuries occurred. Some people may find this section difficult to fill in and therefore they may wish to get assistance from a friend or member of staff at CICA. Any witnesses who were involved in the incident are also required to be named with their address supplied. The section also gathers information on when the incident was reported to the police and the case, which followed. Questions are also asked as to whether the incident was reported to any other authority.
After the incident section, the next sections relate to the injuries, which were occurred due to the incident. This is an important section, as CICA will judge the compensation package on the basis of the injuries and the incident. Medical details are also required, such as dates when A & E or hospital has been attended. Contact details for the general practioner are also required, he or she may be contacted in regards to the injuries sustained.
Section six asks the individual to state whether they have had any previous applications with CICA. If the answer to this question is yes, then the CICA references numbers should be supplied.
The next section asks the individual to state whether they have received any compensation from other organisations and if so, how much they were rewarded.
The final sections are about criminal records and additional information which has been included to support the case. There is also an equal opportunities monitoring form to complete if the claimant chooses to do so.