What is dental negligence?

Dental negligence relates to relates to the dental industry, and highlights the matter of failure to comply with certain standards. The standards are ones which all dentists must abide by and are put in place by the GDC (General Dentist Council). These standards relate to putting patients interests first, respecting a patient, patient confidentiality, co-operating with the dental team in order to the put the patients interests first and maintain professional knowledge. It has become increasingly more important for these standards to be maintained as any practice of dental negligence leaves the dentist liable. There is no standard definition for dental negligence, there is also no case too small, and it can vary from the wrong treatment being provided right through to treatment being carried out incorrectly. Other signs of dental negligence include negligent root canal treatment, dental claims for late or misdiagnosis, misinterpretation of test results, incorrect fitting of crowns, periodontal disease claims, incorrect oral surgery, dental implant claims and orthodontic errors. In relations to making a claim due to dental negligence, make solicitors are now offering their services. Anybody who feels they have received substandard treatment should contact a solicitor. Quite obviously the average person within the general public may be unaware of whether dental negligence has occurred if the treatment received was not obviously wrong. In this case those who have any doubt at all should seek medical advice from a different dentist where possible or report to the NHS. This is crucial if an individual is considering making a claim due to dental negligence, as any claim put forward must have suitable evidence. Due to dental negligence claims often being complex it is important to consult a suitable solicitor or personal injury professional. Such professionals will be able to guide individuals through the claim process ensuring that any dental negligence results in a successful claim. The claim process often begins with an individual seeking legal advice, dental records are then accessed, if needs be dental professionals are then contacted, a law firm will then assess the case and the options for obtaining dental negligence compensation are discussed with the individual putting the claim forward. The amount of compensation if a claim is successful varies on the seriousness of the claim and also whether the dental firm settles a claim outside of the courts. The best advice to any individuals is to seek professional dental advice and also contact a compensation firm if in any doubt.