Wedding day gifts

Wedding day giftsA wedding day is one of the biggest days in many peoples lives and it is also one of the most expensive days. People who are getting married spend large amounts of money on their wedding days and quite often this will mean paying for food and drink for many guests. As the occasion is so expensive for people who are getting married the guests usually provide wedding day gifts to the bride and groom.Some people who are getting married will have a wedding gift list and then it is down to the guests to select what they wish to get them. Of course there is not an expectation of guests to buy something from the wedding day gift list but this is the usual protocol. In some cases the bride and groom may request a donation of money; this usually happens in cases where the couple are saving up for a house or something else. There is not a written rule on how much should be given to the bride and groom; this is entirely down to the guests to decide. A bride and groom will be happy with any kind of donation and this always worth remembering. The list of items that appears on a wedding gift list varies greatly; some couples will select large items and some will have many smaller items Generally the gift lists include household items. Some couple will ask for a range of different vouchers and many guests enjoy buying these for couples. The shopping vouchers that are asked for vary greatly but these usually include shops such as John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser.It is also common for many people to put together in order to buy a wedding gift for a couple. In some cases there are some expensive items on the wedding gift list and therefore there is q requirement to put together. Regardless of whether guests are invited to the day function, the evening function or both, the guests will usually purchase a gift for the couple. One of the main reasons for this is due to the sheer amount of money that weddings cost in the current day.